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Elevated Thinking

Good Morning, Like you, I find myself somewhat mesmerized in some moments by all the news, the unrest and seemingly increasing need to always portray something to keep the crowd…

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Good Morning, Better Than Expected (BTE)…remember those words. That’s what America does when there is something to fix. That’s what we Americans do when hurdles arrive and/or when we get…

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Weekend Perspective(s)

Good Afternoon, Good Lord that was ugly. What tha heck happened? End of the world? Rally over? New Lows? “See – I told you the world ended with the virus”…

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The Valley of Death

Good Afternoon, Who moved my good feelings? Ok, I am just trying to be funny. Today’s action is sure waking up all those bears again. In time, I am afraid…

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33 Days?

Good Afternoon, Hope this note finds you all safe and healthy. The summer weather seems to be spreading across the land – and we even have our first tropical storm…

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Don’t Look Now

Good Morning, Today will be short and sweet – with several pictures – always more fun than a lot of typing. I can hear the great sigh of relief now….

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Just the Facts Ma’am

Good Morning, I wanted to start out by suggesting that one NEVER try to interpret financial data based on politics. Political fervor – and now, sadly, outright hatred – has…

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Everything Will Change

Good Morning, First, the reactions around the country over the weekend to the gut-wrenching and terrible circumstances surrounding Mr. Floyd’s death is heartbreaking to watch. I was in Chicago this…

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Post Covid-19?

Good Evening, We sure hope you and yours are set to enjoy a wonderful, safe, fun and healthy weekend. As much as the constant flow of news, statistics and fearful…

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On The Run 2

Good Morning, We sure hope you and yours had a wonderful, safe, fun and healthy weekend. The kick-off to summer is underway….as that hazy period apporaches. The high speed frequency…

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