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The Kick-Off

Good Afternoon, First, we wish you and yours a safe, healthy and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. Welcome to the often-assumed kick-off to summer. The expected rest in the market did…

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Bat on The Run

Good Morning, You recall the legions of “it’ll never get better…”, or “we may never get back to normal…”, or “it takes years to solve these problems…” naysayers. Make sure…

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Technicals & Sentiment

Good Morning, So, here we are – having reach the upper edge of the “range” we had suggested it appeared the markets were likely to form given the calendar, we…

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Bigger Question(s)?

Good Morning, There are a few things we need to recognize – in my humble opinion – which may help to lend a little clarity to what we are all…

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Good Morning, Sell in May and go away got a strong start – but in our view should dissipate fairly soon. As noted for a couple weeks in advance –…

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Beyond The Clouds

Good Morning, Somewhere in the months and quarters ahead, we are set to find that a reassuring fact remains tested again – but true: A pessimist on the future of…

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The Toughest Part

Good Morning, Someday, maybe many years from now, there may be a lesson finally learned that “shooting first and asking questions later” is a foolish pathway for investing. Yes, sometimes…

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Reality Check

Good Morning, Terrified. I have heard it a lot recently. I am pretty sure you will agree with me that the average advisor is now petrified of the market –…

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Good Morning, I have included a couple of data stats previously sent simply to make sure you keep the themes in mind as the next couple of quarters unfold. You…

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Good Morning, Some of the best news of the day – the latest fund managers survey put out by BAML: I would suggest we pay close attention to each bullet…

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