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Riddle Me This

Good Morning, Ok, 4th of July done, check. No summer swoon yet, check. Volumes slowing, check. Bad news blocking out all sunlight, check. All virus data presented as template for…

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Oops, “Missed that…”

We wish you and yours an exciting, safe, healthy and Happy 4th of July weekend. Travel safe, stay healthy and enjoy time with family and friends! Good Morning, Don’t ever….ever….bet…

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Stealing One’s Focus

We wish you and yours an exciting, safe, healthy and Happy 4th of July week. Travel safe and enjoy time with family and friends! “Common Sense is something everyone needs,…

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Good Morning, So here we are – staring in on the end of the first month of the summer haze. As we started this summer – back on the Memorial…

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The Summer Range

Good Monday Morning, Last week, while up a bit saw choppiness come into play at week’s end. Even as the underlying economic data continues to improve from “hell frozen over”…

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Elevated Thinking

Good Morning, Like you, I find myself somewhat mesmerized in some moments by all the news, the unrest and seemingly increasing need to always portray something to keep the crowd…

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Good Morning, Better Than Expected (BTE)…remember those words. That’s what America does when there is something to fix. That’s what we Americans do when hurdles arrive and/or when we get…

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Weekend Perspective(s)

Good Afternoon, Good Lord that was ugly. What tha heck happened? End of the world? Rally over? New Lows? “See – I told you the world ended with the virus”…

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The Valley of Death

Good Afternoon, Who moved my good feelings? Ok, I am just trying to be funny. Today’s action is sure waking up all those bears again. In time, I am afraid…

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33 Days?

Good Afternoon, Hope this note finds you all safe and healthy. The summer weather seems to be spreading across the land – and we even have our first tropical storm…

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