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Damn Dominos

Good Morning, An exhausting weekend of minute-by-minute coverage of each and every aspect of the COVID-19 event is merely pushing more dominos. This will likely unfold until we begin to…

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Greater is Coming

Good Morning, How we, as long-term investors, approach – and work through – the next 6 months, will define decades of our pathway and the good health – and wealth…

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The Underlying Current

Good Morning, I have decided to try very hard to stop writing about the coronavirus as some death knell, some grim reaper or the delivery man of the Apocalypse. I…

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Seeing Through?

Good Morning, The pace of speed in which the firetrucks are coming to the rescue in unmatched in history. Whether it be financial – or from a healthcare/treatment/vaccine perspective, the…

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Generational Opportunity

Good Morning, Lost in the frenzied interest in covering the seemingly endless stream of “bad news” is the massively beneficial series of events unfolding in the medical pipeline. Extreme actions…

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The Other Side

Good Morning, If you were not able to get to the Regeneron interview evening before last, I have sent along the link again for you – it does provide hope…

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A Stop Light

Good Morning, If you were not able to see the Regeneron interview last evening, it would likely be somewhat relieving to listen in now. I have provided you the YouTube…

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Light in a Tunnel

Good Morning, First: Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. It seemed timely to also consider the St. Patrick’s Day Prayer for all: May the Strength of God pilot us. May…

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Hunkering Down

Good Morning, Back to Zero – rates are falling – liquidity waves are rolling in and the Fed is reacting to the very same event we covered a week or…

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Calling All Investors

Good Morning, History tells us there have been critical times in our past which have represented historic (comparatively speaking) opportunities to be able to think beyond the current event which…

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