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“Significant Uncertainty”

Good Morning, Let’s get a couple things really clear in our minds. I don’t care what you have been taught, what you read in newsletters, what you heard on TV,…

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Reality Check March

Good Morning, Before we get rolling, we have attempted to send out a higher number of morning notes during this Panic Episode #67 since the 2008-2009 lows from the Great…

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“The Future is Unclear”

Good Morning, WARNING: Grab the strongest cocktail you have – this will take awhile to read. Here we go…. Sometimes we humans say some pretty funny stuff. It is times…

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Got Panic?

Good Morning, Well, what can you say when all themes become overwhelmingly negative? Not much – one is left holding their breath – and counting patiently. So today, I thought…

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Bad Dominos

Good Morning, Never confuse simple with easy in the world of investing for the long haul. It is times like now – a full-fledged global panic – which drive home…

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Opportunity is Ugly

Good Morning, “DEATHWISH” A jokester, I see. I was able to scribble down the license plate of the giant truck that ran over the market yesterday – repeatedly. I have…

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Panic Unleashed

Good Morning, No doubt the frightening headlines flooding our sense over the weekend have unleashed the panic one would expect. The coverage of COVID-19 has become filled with shadowy imagery,…

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Perfect Timing

Good Morning, Love the red ink today. Just as expected, fear rocketed back into the system midday as black box selling programs once again took aim at the SPY’s. As…

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Tough Lessons

Good Morning, One has to wonder when peak fear over the coronavirus will be reached. As we have seen in recent weeks, no surprise to readers, the numbers being reported…

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Price to Pay

Good Morning, I suspect – as noted last week for you – that we will soon begin to hear the truth about the virus. Recall, one must acceptthat the odds…

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