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Our financial planning and wealth management services help clients focus on and understand the most important demographic structure the US economy has seen in decades. Extreme waves of change are dead ahead.

Too many will remain fearful – and in our view – likely miss an incredible portion of these benefits set to unfold.

The insights we share here and year-round with clients come from decades of experience with this social science.

We can be assured many difficult periods pepper the landscape ahead but that has already been the case for decades.

Meanwhile, markets have traveled thousands of points higher over time. A lesson we can all take to heart for the next 35 years.


This lesson shows you the core problem affecting millions of investors over decades of time as it relates to effective investment decision-making. In just a few minutes together, we work to help shed light on the terrible consequences which have historically arisen from emotionally-charged reactions in a long-term investment plan. It is vital that each investor focus on this issue and work hard to overcome it. The risk? Becoming part of the same stats we cover over the next 30 years.

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In this lesson we show a specific examples of market events which can be better understood from a demographic perspective. Recall in some of our previous reviews, we have highlighted the focus on what truly drives long-term value: People. History has suggested a very logical thought can be embraced: For companies to create increasing values over time – a growing market is vital and required. As we always suggest to clients: let’s make sure we stay focused on the current and not the waves.

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In our view, this video will highlight what we feel it truly the most overlooked benefit of the investing world: compounding dividend income over time. Why do so many overlook this investing element? Well we think it has to do with patience and the need for “excitement.” After all – it is pretty boring to just sit around and wait for your income to expand for a decade or more – but history shows it can be quite effective indeed.

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In this quick video, we help you take a deep dive into specific sentiment reviews and the outcomes from those reactions over the years. We share with you the latest DalBar results and help you understand the realities of the markets. You will quickly see the crowd has consistently put themselves in a poor position by reacting to short-term events and losing patience.

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As you can imagine, we get lots of questions from clients and advisors about mutual funds and ETF’s. With over 30 years of collective experience, in this video we share some important aspects of the pitfalls many encounter when trying to use these vehicles to plan their future retirement income in advance. Great insights – and valuable data are just a few minutes away!

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In this lesson, we help you with the review of the history of dividends, earnings and volatile markets. Many investors assume that because 2008-2009 was such an ugly period in the markets, it also means that all companies in the S&P 500 lost money. We show you the enlightening and positive historical facts to prepare you for the future – and benefits of the Barbell effect.

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