“Those who are not grateful soon begin to complain of everything.”

Thomas Merton


Good Morning.

Once again, sending along heartfelt wishes to you and yours for the very best of blessings on this Thanksgiving Holiday.  God knows, we all deserve it given the last nearly 24 months of confusion.  We send our best to you and again thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Know that as 2022 beckons, we will work consistently for your interests.  We are grateful for the opportunity – and as always, patience will be the toughest part of the game as we let what is unfolding all around us continue to expand the horizon ahead.


I was struck. by the headline this morning on CNBC about “surprising” strength in a normally slow period of the year for real estate.  As you can see from the bullet points below, this is taking place in the middle of the “terrible rise in rates”, all the way up to 3.25% home mortgages.  : )


What do you make of it, we might be asking ourselves.  “Get used to it” would be my response.  The great migration to adulthood has just begun for the largest generation of people to ever hit the US economy.  I spoke those same words back in 1982-1983 to an audience of terrified investors.  The future looked bleak with little opportunity.  Unrest was the name of the game.  The question of the time?  How would we survive government debt loads and 77-cent/gallon gasoline.  

It is happening all around us friends.  Our job?  Retain the core patience and discipline to let it unfold – in the middle of all the “bad stuff…”

The Prism Brightens

Here is another headline you may get a kick out of…what happens as these 88-million kids move on with their own lives?  Well, generally the same thing that happened for us.  Not exactly mind you – but with 88-million in tow, exact is not required.  Just being in the way is sufficient


Hmmm, strange huh?  I mean, “heck – how could this be happening?” some might ask.  It’s easier than you think – dominoes come to mind.  Then, it becomes pretty simple to see what’s after all the new households?  You got it – another baby boom.  A couple years behind maybe, but not worrisome in the big picture.  I suspect in the next 24-months, hearing of maternity wards being “surprisingly overrun” by new little babies crying for bottles will be the norm.

Faith my friends….Faith – and patience.

Right Now?

Well, the Big Bad Wolf version LXVII is at the door trying to blow our house down.  Moronic government actions are once again front and center.  It is much like watching a play unfold and realizing about a third of the way through that the writers are just, well – horrible.  But heck, it’s all in the eye of the beholder – and the good news?

The more that gets screwed up – the more there is to fix.  I say bring on the problems.

By the way – that “on-shoring” thing we have chatted about as a massive benefit for years to come in the US – just got another piece added.  A tiny little $17 Billion Factory announcement from Samsung.  That should make China squirm a bit as they deal with the age realities Japan faced at the turn of the late 1980’s.  For China – the painful part is just beginning – and the positives for the US?  Well, they are just beginning too


Add that to the Intel factories and you gain the sense that chips central is the US for the next few decades.

As to the big bad wolf at the door?  Well, we chatted last week about some red ink and how it sure would be helpful as we prep for the next leg up.  The chop and churn is working, fear is rising once again – and the stage is being set.  Traders will leave and hand their stocks – and the future – to long-term investors.  Same as every other pause before now.

Have a wonderful week with Family and Friends

The best of blessing to you and yours.

Until we see you again, may your journey be grand and your legacy significant.