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Our economy is driven by demand. Demand is driven by people. People make markets.

As generations expand and age, data clearly show they tend to do many of the same things along the age curve.

History shows the masses capture a small fraction of what the market delivers

One is faced with two choices: Do the same the masses do and continue to get the same results. Or, change the perspective and gain a different understanding of what really drives the economy.

The result: People Drive Markets


You are standing on the beach staring out at the horizon. You see the waves rolling in. Think of them as waves of people. Generational shifts drive dynamic, long-term cycles, all demanding investor patience. We have a simple choice when it comes to these major, long-term cycle events: We can stand on the beach and wait for it all to arrive and wash right over us. Or, we can grab our surfboard, paddle out and ride the waves into shore.


The underlying current of any economic power is driven by people. Remember, people make markets. Follow people and their generations.

That map will provide you a very clear understanding of where the ebb and flow of demand is likely to be for many years to come.


If historical financial marketplace teachings were the proper pathway to success for your clients, everyone would already have been meeting their financial and retirement goals

We are told it is all about diversification, sector weighting, annual re-balancing, cost analysis, style boxes, P/E’s, P/S’s, margins, costs, expenses, net income, standard deviation, Alpha, Beta and on and on

And yet with all of the noise, analysis and financial understanding, history shows the average investor is getting roughly 35% of market gains over time

By creating portfolios built around the demands of people moving through the economy instead of how Wall Street has historically acted, we believe that investors can be better positioned for what is likely to achieve better results.