Tax-Free Income Planning Still Possible?

In almost every client’s case, future income projections play a significant role in wealth planning for generational and retirement perspectives.


Given our view that tax burdens will rise in the future for wealthy clients, we strive to make income flows as tax beneficial as the laws permit.

High-level planning and working within the code still permits tax-free income alternatives where applicable.

We find many clients have simply not received the benefit of effective guidance in these areas.  Planned for and structured successfully, this area of the wealth management plan can be highly productive over time.

Download our sample case studies below:

Sample Case Study Age 40 Sample Case Study Age 50 Sample Case Study Age 55


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Tax-Free Income Planning Still Possible?

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      The purpose behind our “Morning Note” is different than typical newsletters.

      We don’t get lost in Wall Street jargon. Why? After nearly 40 years, we can tell you that “jargon” is what causes most of the mistakes investors make over time.

      The Morning Note helps our clients see through the constant fog driven by the media process. That process focuses on things which will – and are often intended – to scare you. If you are not scared, you won’t pay attention to what they say; if you don’t pay attention to what they say, they lose ad revenue. Simply put: it’s a business model – not news.

      Instead we focus on what we like to call “bread crumbs” along your pathway to your goals. You are your own “index” – not the S&P 500. Your goals, your interests and you and your families staying on your course. That requires a vastly more productive viewpoint. It requires we stand tall in the storms. It requires we remain patient and disciplined, while focusing on the long-term horizon ahead. The “bread crumbs” are designed to deliver your most valuable outcome – staying on your course. Many battles, setbacks and disasters await. Always have – always will.

      The theme of the Morning Note will allow one to always recognize this over-rising fact: When we started in this business, the DOW hovered at 950. It is well above that today. And – most important – every single thing we have been taught to be terrified of – has already unfolded, all while our country built unprecedented wealth. So one has two choices – fear today or be confident of tomorrow. The history of the United States is clear. We overcome, we build, we learn, we expand, we succeed, we lead. Sure, we mess it up at times – but know this: the data is clear that our best years are dead ahead.